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Hi. Why a non official website for a Consulate General you might ask?!!

Basically because there isn’t an official website for the Portuguese Consulate in UK. Most Consulates around the world have their own space, independent of the government websites. Well, not the UK one, the only website they have is inside the Foreign Affairs Office and it's amazing the lack of update and information of the site.

A few years ago I approached the Portuguese Consulate regarding some documents that I need. That's when I found out that the lack of a good public service starts from inside the Consulate. I know that the Portuguese Government is cutting the funds to the Embassies and Consulates around the world but that doesn't explain the lack of service and rudeness that rules inside the Consulate.

Most of the staff doesn’t have the character to do a public service. They are rude; they don’t know how to deal with people. They think that just because they work in the Consulate, they are better people that anyone else.

They're phones don't work or nobody answers (except the 0906 premium numbers and even those most of the time don't work) and they take an eternity to answer to the e-mails (if your lucky enough to have they're email address).

The solution is to go at 4am and queue on the street, maybe then you'll have the change of getting an appointment.

This is not a proper solution. Portugal is not a 3rd world country. This is not a good image for our country and the Portuguese community in UK deserves better.

I’ll do my best put online has much information as I can and as accurate as possible.

My advice … well my advice is if you need to take care of any document, go to Portugal and do it there. If the document has be issued by the Embassy or Consulate … god help you.